Northern Ireland Running

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About us:

Here at Northern Ireland Running (NiRunning) we LOVE running, yes absolutely love it! Self confessed NERDS!!

Now that we have got that confession out of the way we can tell you a little about ourselves and what we want to achieve with this website, in the welcome page we mentioned a little about reading loads of magazines, many of which featured very little about running in Northern Ireland!

Also, apart from the brilliant Athletics NI and Northern Ireland Mountain Running Association (NIMRA) websites, there are very few places on the internet that you can keep up to date with what is going on within the Northern Ireland running scene. We did consider a magazine, but publishing costs would mean high prices and a mega push on advertising which none of us really want?

So, at NiRunning we will strive to update our website as often as we can (but you have to remember, we also have to fit in our own running and full time jobs...) with what we believe to be interesting material, covering all things running... be that, road, track, trail or mountain!  At the risk of sounding very cliche', the site is provided by runners for runners, your interest is our interest! So please, let us know what you want to read about. Give us feedback! If you are organising an event, let us know! If you've discovered a 'gem' of a race/event, let us know! We want your input! :o)

Since the website was set up in August 2013, it has grown massively, we now have an average daily 'hit rate' (visitors to website) of 600; during the weekend, this can reach 1,600 visitors per day!  We have also had the privilege of working with a number of large publications and broadcasting agencies, these include. The BBC, National Geographic, Mens Running, Athletics Weekly, Trail Running Magazine, Lisburn FM, Irish News, Daily Mirror, Belfast Telegraph and the Ballymena Guardian amongst others.  NiRunning's Ryan Maxwell is also a member of the Skyrunning UK athlete commission, working alongside the likes of Ian Corless (Talk Ultra and Skyrunning UK Director), Ricky Lightfoot, Tom Owens, Anna Lupton, Andy Symonds and Ben Abdelnoor, to bring Skyrunning events to the UK.

In 2013, we hosted our first ever event, our NiRunning Mile at Antrim Forum.  Plans are already in place to bring this event back in 2014, we also have the NiRunning 5m Trail Race to look forward to on Sunday 16th February 2014.  We also hope to be able to offer our followers a road race and a mountain race in 2014.  Further information regarding these events will be released as soon as the final details and necessary permits are confirmed.  

Happy Running folks! ;o)

Our future.... In your hands!

As I am sure you will have noticed, with the basic website we have decided to start our project on a very small and simple basis.  Somewhat of a trial so to speak but with the intention to grow as required, this will be based on the interest of our visitors and your opinions on the site. 

Our ambition is that our little project will become the 'hub' of the Northern Ireland running community and a source of important and useful information, yet have a personal, friendly touch as well.  Someday, with your help and support we hope that will become an important part of the Northern Ireland running community!

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